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Nora would do anything to protect her sister and avoid the Pit—even take a deal from the one archangel she despises.
The Archangel’s Deal by K. Rea



Read the moon shadow today!

The Moon Shadow | The Wolfrik Trilogy | Book 1

For decades, every Wolfrik wolf accepted the exile forced onto their bloodline by the Court of Shadows… until now.

The Court of Shadows murdered Evelyn Wolfrik’s parents. Now Evelyn has one plan: walk into a shadow club and get revenge against the vampire that murdered her parents.

But she didn’t plan on Prince Aiden interrupting and sending her plan into chaos before taking her to court.

Can Evelyn survive her new life surrounded by enemies? Or will her own prejudice and quest for revenge destroy her only chance at peace?


The SHADOW QUEEN | The Wolfrik Trilogy | Book 2

With the Court of Shadows in ruins, Evelyn Wolfrik has one goal – to rebuild.

After an encounter with the God of the Forest himself and a summons from the Court of Light, Evelyn’s future seems anything but certain.

Leaving the forests, her pack, and fledgling Court behind, Evelyn travels to the white mountains of the Court of Light.

Deep in the mountains, navigating not only a frigid court but also challenges and trials she never could have foreseen, she risks losing more than just her crown.

the queen’s heart

Coming Soon! 

The Queen’s Heart | The Wolfrik Trilogy | Book 3

Evelyn’s story continues…. more details to come.

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